Making Critical Health Data Available to Care Teams

Convenience Features

  • Urine detection​

  • Stool detection


Smardii is comprised of two parts: disposable sensors embedded into a brief layer, and a reusable, rechargeable, waterproof disk called the Puck.

In a brief, it can detect urine, stool, temperature, body positioning, and run a real-time urinalysis.

Critical health data is being monitored by nurses on the intuitive SmardiiStation.

Health Features

  • Temperature detection

  • Body positioning (early detection/prevention of falls)

  • Sleep analysis

  • Real-time urinalysis

Analytics Features

  • Robust health profiling for residents/patients (preventive medicine)

  • Facility and staff management tool for nursing homes (diaper consumption, hours of change, etc.)

Communication Features

  • Patients and families engagement

  • Tracking of mentally-ill patients

  • Automated access to certain areas, personalized food diets

  • Automated logs of the care given 

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