Creating the Future of Elder Care

Decreased liability

for caregivers

  • Fall prevention

  • Prevention of health degradation

  • Lower risks for fragile patients

  • Automated time logs

Value Proposition.

Smardii's mission is to improve the lives of residents, patients, and their caregivers but also to allow elder care facilities to streamline their operations, reduce cost and liabilities using our cutting-edge technology.


Quality of Life

  • Reduction of random embarrassing checks

  • Prevention of skin breakdown, rashes, infections

  • Robust health profiling



  • Reduction of “empty beds”

  • Diaper consumption management

  • Suppression of redundant services

  • Decrease overall operational costs

  • Savings from incident related expenses


Health Costs

  • For insurance companies by preventing health complications

  • For families by better monitoring their loved ones

  • Possible Medicare eligibility

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