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An Award-Winning Company!

"Smardii has the biggest commercial application on Earth we've seen... by far!"

"By making critical health data available to care teams, Smardii don't just enhance healthcare services to save lives but reduce the operational cost and create efficiencies as well".

Smardii has been recognized as a prominent player in patient monitoring by being a pioneer of the smart diaper industry and a trailblazer in IoT monitoring for enhanced healthcare.

Healthcare Tech Outlook Article Picture.
Top 10 NASA iTech CES 2020 (logo).png

Smardii was a top10 finalist at NASA iTech CES 2020 for its cutting edge technology.

Smardii has obvious applications on Earth, but also... in Space. We had the chance to participate in working sessions with NASA's top technologists, engineers, and scientists. Being there with the brightest minds was already a victory, but finishing in the top10 was something else... It opened (a Universe) of opportunities for our solution. There will be more to come, for sure.

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