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Making Critical Health Data Available to Care Teams


2 levels of subscription to accommodate your needs.


Our solution is a perfect fit for long term care facilities, hospitals, but also for in-home care. Smardii cannot replace caregivers, but it is designed to provide them with critical health data that will allow them to provide a Better Care! 

Smardii can be used as a stand-alone monitoring solution for any adult, incontinent or not.


For people suffering from incontinence, the system is comprised of two parts:


1. Disposable sensor-strips that can be self-applied into any incontinence protection (our solution is brand agnostic), and

2. A reusable, rechargeable, waterproof disk called the Puck.

The Puck transmits critical health data to caregivers so that they can have useful information at their fingertips and provide better care to patients and residents.

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Overall, Smardii is Creating a New Standard of Care

  • Predictive and preventative care tool for improved health.

  • Facility and staff management tool for healthcare operators.

  • Patients and families engagement.

  • Better care for patients with cognitive disorders.

  • Automated Logs for the Good Care given.

  • More operational insight for healthcare operators to better allocate staff to the critical tasks.

  • Data aggregation allows stakeholders to better flag pandemic clusters using the Smardii “Pandemic Watch” feature.

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