Creating the Future of Elder Care




Beating the Odds.

Smardii is on a mission to address a global challenge we are all facing: the exponential increase in elderly population combined with the shortage of nurses and medical staff.

High Tech

Easy to Use Wearable


The puck is the brain of our product. Easily clipped outside the adult protection, it is reusable, rechargeable, and waterproof.

It collects and analyses critical health metrics for medical staff to look at. 

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Health Monitoring is changed forever! Nurses efficiently monitor their patients' and residents' health and well being through a single web-based application.


Timely alerts are sent to and displayed on the SmardiiStation, and automated logs will evidence the good care given.

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Smardii- Indoor Patient Tracking Concept

A unique platform using proprietary algorithms allowing caregivers to remotely monitor in real-time the health conditions and well-being of their patients and residents. Combined with the Smardii Analytics, elder  care facilities can also track operational performance and flag potential issues before they lead to something more serious.

The Smardii Nursing Station

& Smardii Analytics